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A portable receipt issue system to support various applications, TRUCOUNT – Handy-30 is manufactured by Micromation by using best possible and proven technology. It has originally developed functions of continuous working for 10 ~ 16 hrs in case of power failure or where direct power is not available, ideal for range of mobile applications. In today's dynamic business world TRUCOUNT recognize the needs of the mobile applications.

TRUCOUNT – Handy-30 offers the latest features in a space saving design to make financial management of an establishment more convenient and efficient. The advance function of this portable easy – to – use system includes high speed printing, PC connectivity and expandable software features.

  • Retail counters
  • Restaurants
  • Ice cream Parlours
  • Bakeries
  • Beauty parlour 
  • Parking 
  • Bus Ticketing
  • Cable Operators
  • Collection Agents

1. CPU 

  • 32 Bit Processor 
  • 512 k Bytes Flash Program Memory
  • 64 k Bytes + 8 K Bytes RAM

2. In Built Real Time Clock, with Inbuilt Battery Backup

3. Display 

  • Graphic LCD display with 64x 128 pixels
  • Bright Backlight for Easy Visibility
  • Capability to display graphic Images
  • 20 Characters x 4 lines
  • Good visibility During Night 

4. Key pad

  • 30 keys Alphanumeric Elastomeric Keyboard
  • Keys with Different colours differentiating Numerals, Functions etc
  • Keypad having Good visibility even during Night

5. Printer

  • Ultrafast 2 inch Thermal Printer with 60mm/sec speed
  • 384 dots per line
  • Paper width 57 mm
  • Paper Roll Size : 45 mm Dia
  • Easy Paper roll Load mechanism without using paper feed key
  • Paper sensor
  • Paper cover open sensor
  • Print Intensity Adjustable

6. Battery

  • Latest suitable to print 2500 lines per single charge
  • Advanced battery charger with Auto charge termination 
  • Battery Full /low indicator on display
  • Min. 300 Full recharges life cycle for battery cell

7. Power and Battery control 

  • Soft Touch Power ON / OFF control
  • Automatic and Intelligent power shutdown for extended operation

8. Comunication Ports

  • RS 232C port for PC / Weighing Scale Connectivity 
  • USB port

9. Charger

  • AC charger - working from 140 to 280 V
  • Capacity to charge the battery in 3 ~ 4 Hours

10. Weight 

  • Light Weight Approximately 500 Grams

11. GSM / GPRS

  • Machine has the optional facility to add GSM / GPRS in built module for connectivity to central PC for Data transfer 

12. PASSWORD Protection

  • Machine has the capacity to program three levels of passwords like operator, Supervisor and admin password

13. Software Application

  • Software for any application can be developed based on bulk order

14. Dimension 

  • (WxLxH) in mm    90x250x60