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Equipped with essential detection elements, the AMS-1140 detection system covers 1.8m (6ft.) between pedestals. The sleek modern design blends seamlessly into all retail formats while providing a strong visual deterrent. Constructed from ABS material, the pedestals offer long lasting durability. 

Audio and visual alarms are integrated into the primary pedestal to notify store personnel of theft attempts. A piezo alarm incorporated into the base provides the audible alarm; an LED light located on top of the primary antenna provides the visual notification.


Features & Benefits:

Ultra•Max® theft detection. This system offers Ultra•Max® detection and is compatible with all Sensormatic® hard tags and dual resonator (DR) labels. 

High sensitivity with false alarm resistance. The AMS-1140 features advanced detection technology making it highly sensitive, while providing resistance to outside noise and interference resulting in fewer false alarms. 

EAS protection that blends with retail store designs. The modern design and open framed architecture ensures the pedestals will blend into a variety of store openings. 

Strong visual deterrent. Anti-theft pedestals discourage would-be shoplifters. 

Energy efficient. The system utilizes less than 50W of energy; resulting in lower energy costs while maintaining green initiatives.