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Flap Barrier - Capable of controlling the pedestrian entering or exiting the restricted areas.


Passage direction indication function: The LED light indicates whether passage is allowed or not.

Anti-stalking function: After each passage, the passage duration is automatically cancelled to prevent stalking.

Multiple working modes: The working modes, such as one-way passage, two-way passage, infrared barrier opening, or passage control by sending opening signals to the main board, can be set using the menu on the main board.

Automatic reset function: If no person passes through the barrier within the specified period of time after the opening signal is received, the system automatically closes the flap barrier. The specified period of time can be set by using the menu on the main board. 

Power-off barrier opening function: This function is provided to meet special user requirements.

LCD screen: The product provides a LCD screen to directly display the text description of the barrier operation status.