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Balaji Junior 2t Star

Balaji Junior 2t Star BBP 2T 2 inch Billing Machine with Long Battery Backup


Features Compact and stylish Direct operational keypad Easy paper loading Large graphic display Built-in GPRS

Battery Capacity 2000mah

Power Supply DC, AC, Battery

Paper width 2"

Warranty 1 year

Data Memory RAM 8 GB RAM (Extendable RAM Upto 16 MB)

Processor A32-bit Coretex Processor CPU @ 70 MHz

Battery Li-Ion 7.4V with short Circuit protection (2200 mAh)

Display keyboard * Number of keys 30 with all Function Keys. * Having 10 millions operations * Epoxy coat

Display Size 64 x 128 Graphic LCD backlight Big Display 20 x 8 line display (big character)

Machine Weight 500 gms

Storage 3000

Gprs Support YES

Sam Slot External SIM slot

Usb Ports YES

Wi Fi NO

Is It Portable No

USB Support Yes

Minimum Order Quantity 1